JUDY HAGES - Biography

My life has always been about singing and entertainment.  Beginning at the age of six I developed both vocal and stage skills as a singer and entertainer on the TV program 'The Howdy Doody Hour' in New York City.  The show was one of TV's first and longest-running children's entertainment series.  I was also a regular on two other children's shows:  'Happy's Party' out of Pittsburgh PA and 'Giant Tiger' out of Cleveland OH.

My high school and college years were spent studying vocal performance.  During high school, at the age of 14, I was given a scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Music.  During college, while pursuing my BFA from Carnegie Mellon, I was awarded three Carnegie Awards:  two in Voice and one in Piano for 'Outstanding Performance in a Competition'.  Upon graduation I was awarded a Teaching Fellowship towards my Master's Degree and in the early 70's was listed in the 'Outstanding Young Women of America' publication (listed under Judy Zabetakis).  From the late 70's to the early 80's I immersed myself in the pure form of the Belcanto Technique methodology in Germany.  It was at this time my concert career in Germany, Austria and Spain flourished.  It is this pure form of the Belcanto Technique that is the basis of my teaching, as the voice building aspect of it significantly increases range within weeks and heals abused voices.

As a teacher for over 39 years, my students have performed all over the world as solo artists or band members and in dance clubs, cabaret clubs, radio stations, TV and musical theatre.  Currently one of my students, Bridget Barkan, is touring with the Scissor Sisters.  Two of my other students who have granted me the right to mention them are Q-Tip and Dan McBride of Thirteen Hands.  Q-Tip was a member of the critically acclaimed group 'A Tribe Called Quest', and is more recently involved in solo work as well as with his jazz-influenced hip hop group.  Dan McBride was chosen for the ballot by The National Academy of Recording Artists for the 2006 Grammy Awards for both 'Best Male Pop Performance' and 'Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist'.